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Product Name:12pcs Wedge Tool Kit
Product No:088-61071A

Features/Specifications :
  • Hammering out without damage to paint.
  • Ideal for reforming an over-compressed dent.
  • Ridges are hammered out with targeted use of the hammer on the dents.
  • Also ideal for releasing tensioning in the sheet metal.
  • With interchangeable attachments.
  • Includes 2 handles.
  • Consists of:
    • Handle, short, 90mm
    • Handle, long, 130mm
    • Cylinder-shaped impact head
    • Impact head, wedge-shaped, round
    • Impact head, wedge-shaped, square
    • Impact head wedge-shaped large round
    • Impact head wedge-shaped small round
    • Impact head, cone-shaped, tip
    • Impact head, cone-shaped, round
    • Cylinder-shaped impact head with cone
    • Set of strike plates, 2pcs, 155mm

12pcs Wedge Tool Kit

12pcs Wedge Tool Kit opertation