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Product Name:Diesel Injector / Injector Seat Cleaner Set
Product No:087-797-8

Features/Specifications :
  • Used to clean injector / injector seal when changing injector.
  • Helps to avoid blow - back due to poorly seated injector.
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles.
  • Content:
    • Pilot post
    • T handle
    • Reamer flat: 15 x 19mm: Various vehicles
    • Reamer flat: 17mm: Bosch, Delphi (BMW, Ford, PSA, Renault)
    • Reamer flat: 17 x 19mm: Bosch (Mercedes CRD)
    • Reamer angled: 17mm: Fiat, Iveco, Ford, Mercedes CDI
    • Reamer angle: 17 x 21mm: Fiat, Iveco
    • Reamer: 18 x 21mm: Various vehicles
    • Reamer: 20 x 21mm: Various vehicles
    • Reamer long: 15.5mm: Bosch
    • Cleaner: 19mm: Injector cleaner
    • Hex Key

Diesel Injector / Injector Seat Cleaner Set