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Product Name:6pcs Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set
Product No:088-62290D

Features/Specifications :
  • This kit has been specially designed for the clean and re-cutting of injector seats on modern common rail diesel engines.
  • The kit includes 5 seat cutting reamers for BOSCH, DELPHI and universal application along with a special angled reamer for IVECO / FIAT applications.
  • Identify injector Blow-By exists.
  • Gain access to the injectors and remove them.
  • Select required reamer onto pilot post and tighten internal hex screw.
  • Place assembled cutter into injector recess.
  • Use a small amount of light lubricant whilst performing the cut to reduce chattering and help give a flat cut.
  • Do not over cut the seat only remove enough metal to form a good seat.
  • Thoroughly clean the seat and remove all swarf.
  • Contents:
    • Dia. 19mm x 15mm FLAT reamer for universal injector.
    • Dia. 17mm x 17mm FLAT reamer for DELPHI / BOSCH injectors (BMW / PSA / RENAULT / FORD).
    • Dia. 19mm x 17mm FLAT reamer for BOSCH injectors (MERCEDES CDI).
    • Dia. 21mm x 17mm ANGLED reamer for FIAT / IVECO.
    • Dia. 17mm x 17mm ANGLED reamer for FIAT / IVECO and FORD.
    • Pilot post x 1